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  • Russian University of Economics
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  • The Center for Macroeconomic Analysis and Short-term Forecasting
  • The National Bank of Republic of Belarus
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January 27, 2020
UniCredit Morning Meeting
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January 24, 2020
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DNB ASA Daily Macro Brief
E.Gavrilenkov and A.Kudrin Russian Macro: Strong Surpluses to Weaken, Growth to Strengthen
The federal budget posted a surplus of R1,967 trln or 1.8% of GDP, in line with expectations. Total revenues reached nearly R20.2 trln. Revenue collection was particularly strong in December as the non-oil-and-gas revenues increased by around 29% y-o-y, while in 2019 as a whole they were up by 17.4%. Current account also remained strong, albeit less than expected. There is still plenty of room for further government stimulus to the economy without jeopardizing the budget. Very strong revenue collection from the non-oil-and-gas segments of the economy amid decelerated inflation (to 3.0% y-o-y in December 2019) may hint that the economic growth in the country was not so poor as official statistics indicated. A rather high level of the non-oil-and-gas revenues in 2019 should set a good base for revenues in 2020, which will keep growing, albeit more moderately. Composition of recently appointed new government resembles a kind of an acceptable balance between the guardians of fiscal conservatism (such as Finance minister Anton Siluanov, who no longer keeps the position of the First deputy PM) and the new First deputy PM Andrei Belousov who previously served as economics advisor to president and is known as an advocate of a view that the government should play a greater role in the economy. GKEM Analytica reports have become paid starting Jan 1, 2020.For subscription, please contact us at
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January 22, 2020
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Banca IMI Torna positivo il rendimento del BTP a due anni
  • Cbonds es una plataforma de datos global en el mercado de bonos.
  • Cobertura: más de 170 países y 250,000 bonos locales e internacionales.
  • Varias formas de obtener datos: datos descriptivos y precios de bonos - página web, extensión para xls, aplicación móvil
  • Herramientas analíticas: motor de búsqueda de bonos multi-parámetro, listado de seguimiento , mapas de mercado y otras herramientas